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8. Useful Links

Useful Links: Navigating the Japanese Wine Market with Confidence

As you embark on your journey to sell New Zealand wines in the Japanese market, arming yourself with valuable resources and insights is essential. Our collection of useful links provides a gateway to a wealth of information, offering you the tools needed to navigate this exciting venture with confidence.

Market Insights and Reports:

  1. JETRO - Market Information: The Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) offers a comprehensive list of published reports that provide valuable insights into various markets, including alcoholic beverages. Visit: Survey Reports | JETRO White Paper | Japanese Trade and Investment Statistics

Government and Regulatory Resources:

  • National Tax Agency, Ministry of Finance: Familiarise yourself with liquor-related regulations, including Liquor Tax Law and Liquor Business Association Law, to ensure compliance and adherence to legal requirements. Visit: National Tax Agency
  • Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare: The Food Sanitation Law plays a pivotal role in the import and distribution of alcoholic beverages. Understanding these regulations is crucial for a smooth journey in the Japanese market. Visit: Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI): Explore METI's resources to gain insights into trade policies, regulations, and market dynamics that impact your venture in the Japanese wine market. Visit: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
  • Fair Trade Commission of Japan: Ensure that your business practices align with fair trade regulations by exploring the resources provided by the Fair Trade Commission of Japan. Visit: Fair Trade Commission of Japan
  • Ministry of the Environment: As sustainability becomes increasingly important, understanding environmental regulations and practices in Japan can provide a competitive advantage. Visit: Ministry of the Environment
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries: Access resources related to agriculture and forestry, including information that may impact the wine industry. Visit: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
  • Guidebook for Export to Japan 2011. Published in March 2011. Written and Published by: Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO). Visit: Guidebook for Export to Japan : 7. Alcoholic Beverages 2011 [PDF]

Industry Associations and Networking:

  • Japan Wineries Association: Connect with the Japan Wineries Association to gain insights into the local wine industry, network with professionals, and stay updated on industry trends. Visit: Japan Wineries Association
  • Japan Sommelier Association: Engage with the Japan Sommelier Association to connect with wine experts and enthusiasts who can provide valuable perspectives on market preferences and trends. Visit: Japan Sommelier Association [Japanese]

Exploring New Zealand Wines:

  • New Zealand Winegrowers: Stay connected with the New Zealand Winegrowers association to access resources, news, and events related to New Zealand wines. Visit: New Zealand Winegrowers

Stay Informed and Empowered:

These links offer a starting point for your journey into the Japanese wine market. Remember that staying informed, leveraging regulatory knowledge, and building strong industry connections will contribute to your success in selling New Zealand wines to the discerning palates of Japan.