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Search ryokans and hotels in Japan with the selected Japanese and global travel sites.

Do you have a plan to visit Japan? Are you looking for a ryokan or hotel to stay in Japan? It is hard to find good quality reasonably priced accommodation, isn't it?
Especially when you travel to a country with totally different culture and language like Japan.

I love travelling and my travel budget is usually (quite often..., almost always...) TIGHT! I tend to gather information as much as I can for my travel planning to find the best deals possible. And I thought some of you might do the same.

So here I am, trying to make things easier for you as I probablly know about Japan more than most of you do. (I left Japan in 1994, but still visit there annually, and also I worked in the tourism industry for 3.5 years in Japan.) I hope you find some of the information useful.

Japanese Ryokan and Hotel Prefecture links in Map

  Browse by prefecture.       Akita Iwate
  *Click a prefecture you like to search ryokans and hotels for.       Yamagata Miyagi
                  Ishikawa   Niigata Fukushima
          Shimane Tottori Hyogo Kyoto Fukui Toyama Nagano Gunma Tochigi
        Yamaguchi Hiroshima Okayama Shiga Gifu Yamanashi Saitama Ibaraki
  Saga Fukuoka Oita     Osaka Nara Mie Aichi Shizuoka Tokyo Chiba
  Nagasaki   Kumamoto Miyazaki   Ehime Kagawa Wakayama     Kanagawa  
    Kagoshima   Kochi Tokushima              

Japanese Ryokan and Hotel Prefecture links in Alphabetical Order

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