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Japanese Name Gender Finder:

The Japanese name chart to find out if it is a boy's name or girl's name / given name or family name.

New Message: Finally, I have updated this page. It should be mobile friendly now. I kept the page as simple to use & fast to load as possible. Hope everyone doesn't mind the change. Thank you for using this page, everyone. (^.^) (7 Nov 2016)

After years of spending time in the English speaking countries, I still have a problem to figure out which gender some English names are for. I used a wrong title several times in the past. (e.g. Ms for a male manager when I sent my CV applying for a job...)

I created a chart to find the gender for English names for Japanese people, and many people found it useful. Then I thought some of you might have the same problem for Japanese names as we have for English names, so here is a chart for you - Japanese Name Gender Finder!!!

I hope it will be helpful...

Note: I made this list simply I thought it would be useful to know/guess the gender from names because we occasionally use Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss and She/He in our writings/conversations. And for a non-native speaker, the uncertainty of a person's gender (= a fear of making mistakes/being rude) will lead hesitation in communicating with the person. Please understand that I have no intention of encouraging users to prejudge people by gender. Thank you!

Click the initial of the Japanese name!

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B...Boy's Name (Given name/first name for male)
G...Girl's Name (Given name/first name for female)
F...Family Name (Last name)
Note: Bold indicates 'commonly used for'.
*Please be aware that there is no rule without exceptions! People use boys name for girls and girls name for boys quite often these days. Back to Top